Memorial Construction Photographs

Construction is currently underway for the much-awaited memorial.

On the 4th of November 2024 a “Sod Turning” ceremony was held at the approved site of the memorial in Saw Ave King’s Park. This ceremony heralded the commencement of site works that were scheduled for early December 2023. (Click here for more details of the event.)

Colgan Industries who are contracted by Smith Sculptors to carry out the site works began preparing and clearing the site on 11 December 2023.  After the final clearing and excavation was completed, the steel reinforcing was laid in place, then shortly after the concrete was poured. After the foundations were given time to cure the centre column was poured in situ early in February 2024.

The following photographs provide a pictorial history of the memorial’s progress.


Prepared Site Ready for Construction


Security Fencing and Project Identification


Construction Starts 11 December 2023  Excavation for Foundations and Aprons 


Completed Reinforcing Ready for Concrete Pour



Concrete Foundation and Aprons Completed


Completed Concrete Segment of Centre Column Early February 2024 


Commencement of Brickwork for Centre Column Plinth – February 2024

Laying of Decorative Floor Tiles for Aprons Begins – Late February 2024


Installation of Centre Column Granite Segments Late February 2024 


Installation of Centre Column Granite Segments.  Also Showing Completion of the Centre Column Plinth Covered in Polished Granite- Late February 2024 


Centre Column with Granite Segments to the Top – Early March 2024


Centre Column with Granite Segments to the Top also Showing Reinforcing for the Information Podium – Early March 2024


Laying of Decorative Floor Tiles Nearing Completion 18 March 2024